Do these sound like the actions of a town that's had all it can eat?

Brockley Road fish and chip shop Brockley's Rock has begun opening on Sundays to cater for our insatiable desire for fish.

This weekend was its grand Sunday debut. Obviously we're a little late with the news, sorry. But for future reference, they are now open from 4-10pm on Sunday.

With two new independent businesses opening on Brockley Road this month, it's great to hear that one of last year's best-loved newcomers is doing well. Founder Kyri says:

When we opened, nothing prepared us for the volume of people who would come in! Everyone has been very nice to us, and we've gained a lot of regulars who come in specially for our fish and chips and we're really grateful for their support. We've worked really hard to cut down waiting times, but we are very proud that we cook all our fish fresh to order and hope that people don't mind waiting a bit for their food!

Click here for their website.