Deptford's Secret Soundtrack

Local artists Jay Harris has created an audio experience based on Deptford High Street sounds. He says:

‘Secret Soundtrack’ uses ‘3D sound’ recorded in Deptford Market, based on and around Deptford High Street, to create a theatrical atmosphere that people can experience as they wonder around the market.

Sound art, as a relatively undiscovered art form, seems like the perfect way to bring attention to one of south London’s lesser-known gems: Deptford High Street.

Local musician and sound artist Jay Harris has created ‘Secret Soundtrack’, a work of sound art, which will be interactively-accessible on the High Street throughout June, in collaboration with local businesses.

To take part in ‘Secret Soundtrack’ you will need a smart phone equipped with a QR Code reader and a pair of earphones. ‘Secret Soundtrack’ can be accessed from 1st June to 30th June 2012 by scanning the QR code on one of the posters located at ‘The Deptford Project’ café, ‘Bearspace’ gallery, art supplies store ‘Arch Materials’ or delicatessen cafe ‘Deli X’; all based on Deptford High Street and chosen as supporters of this neighbourhood and community arts.

Scanning the QR Code takes you to the ‘Secret Soundtrack’ website where you will be given instructions on what to do next. You will be encouraged to explore the market while listening to the audio streamed from the website, making sure not to drown out the live sounds. You can expect to hear sounds recorded from the market, reproduced in such a way as to become something new when played in conjunction with listening to the live sounds around you. It is this mixture, when experienced together, that gives you access to a secret audio world createdfrom the local environment.

Jay has also created a separate audio atmosphere for ‘The Deptford Project’ café which will be on display there from 1st – 8th June. You can find out more about Jay’s work at


NXG_Resident said...

Sounds great...but I'm still not convinced that the QR code is a useful marketing tool.

JP said...

This is what I love about BC - hearing about people and things unexpectedly. Loved the soundtrack for the Pier and the lullaby/nursery rhymes.

The sound of Deptford Market has always been unique so good luck with that project.

Jay said...

Hi all, many thanks for the post and comments.

@NXG_Resident - I also think QR codes have limited use, but using them in this context has allowed me to make Secret Soundtrack more mobile, more striking graphically (with the poster) and hopefully easier to use!

@JP - Glad you like the other projects! Deptford market and the High Street are very unique so I hope I have done it justice.

I'd be very interested to hear what you all think once you have experienced Secret Soundtrack, so please do let me know if you have time to give it a go in June.

Also, I wrote a blog post giving more background info if you fancy a read:

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