Deptford's Cardboard City

Art outfit We Love Cardboard write:

Come and join us build a city cardboard city from Tuesday 5th June until Friday 8th June 2012, 11am-4pm.

On Saturday 9th June we will be destroying the city at noon. This is Jubilee bank holiday and Half Term week and is taking place at the Peabody’s Leander community centre in the Vanguard estate in Deptford SE8.

This event is part of the Brockley Max festival and the Brockley Design Project. The idea of the cardboard city is to invite the whole community, especially children and young people, to work together using nothing but old cardboard boxes and their imaginations.

A previous cardboard city, built in E1 in 2011

Nothing is planned - the city emerges organically over the duration of the event. Some people attend all day, every day, to work on huge constructions or tiny intricate details, while others prefer to come for half an hour just to have a look and add a little detail of their own. The Brockley Design Project are funding this event as a way to engage the community in design and architecture and generate feedback on architectural possibilities in the local area.

This year are inviting artists of all disciplines to do a day’s residency at the cardboard city. We are hoping that artist will inspire participants with their creative approach and experience and help us build our best city yet.


Peter said...

pretty tasteless title

Anonymous said...

Who's? The artist terms it a cardboard city the words "cardboard" and "city" are not exactly loaded with significance. "cardboard city" has been used to refer to homeless people trying to keep warm but it's hardly a combination of words that can be owned by that distressing state of affairs.

Or are you a selfriteous troll?

kolp said...

"Saturday 9th June we will be destroying the city at noon." I just hope Cllr Mike Harris doesn't tweet about it!

Brockley Nick said...

@kolp I wish I had thought of that joke

Tamsin said...

Are you needing contributions of cardboard? And if so where. I've got some nice chunky toner boxes.

Tamsin said...

@ Anon. Agreed, no "ownership" of the words but a bit careless of the planners to use it unless they were deliberately choosing a make a point and make the connection - more thought in home design (as in the piece on Today that I switched on half way through) and actual human needs might contribute in a small way to lessening the problem of homelessness.

If they didn't deliberately choose the name for those reasons "Pulp City", "Boxy City" or even "City of Cardboard" would have been better.

Brockley Nick said...

It's obviously a deliberate reference. What I don't see is why it should be offensive? Who's offended?

Paul Clayton said...

I'm offended. Deptford is a clearing house for the homeless in the area, many are directed here to partake of the goodwill of the churches offering food, etc. Maybe Brockley doesn't have to put up with the constant begging in Debtford high street. If it was a creative use of cardboard for being homeless (which fulfill a societal need) then fur enuff...nice idea, tasteless name. p.s. if you wish to rebuke a 'selfriteous troll' being anon is not very credible.

Campaign to ban Winterval said...

I think someone else might possibly be offended so I think I should be offended. Yes, I'm definitely offended.

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