Brockley Station repairs

After some haranguing on Twitter from BCers, Lewisham Council has provided us with this update about the remedial work being done at Brockley Station at the moment.

The original refurbishment work, done in 2009, was so shoddy that bits started peeling off it from the day it opened and large puddles form whenever it rains, so that the people of west Brockley have been wading through dirty water ever since a drought was declared.

The good news is that it's being sorted and that the team originally responsible has been replaced by the same project lead who's been in charge of the Brockley Cross works, which so-far appear to be of good quality. Here's the statement:

“The Council is acutely aware of and regrets the continuing inconvenience to people who use the Brockley footbridge, resulting from rainwater collecting alongside the entrance to Brockley station. Our intention is to install a transverse, rainwater, drainage channel which will run across the pedestrian walkway, at the side of the station entrance. However, before we can do so, we have to wait whilst the channel’s made to measure components are fabricated. 

We were advised, by the manufacturer, that the order period for the channel is 6 weeks. This has meant that our contractor will not be able to install the drainage channel until after 23rd May. As well as the installation of the drainage channel, our contractor will be carrying out some maintenance/improvement work on and around the access staircase. 

The black, rubber, anti-slip edging strips to the staircase’s treads will be removed and replaced with a hand-laid, inset, resin bound material. Joints, running between the paving slabs and the brick/concrete boundary walls, will be pointed up with a flexible, waterproof material. 

 We hope that these measures will result in much needed improvements to this busy location.”