New Cross Jubilee Street Party

Lucia writes:

New Cross Learning (which runs the local library), St James' School, the Hobgoblin Pub and St James Church have got together to put on a Jubilee Street party in 'Hatcham Village', New Cross, on Saturday 2 June on St James (Road) in New Cross from 2-6pm.

The street will be closed for the family-friendly day and people are asked to bring food to share for a street party.

There will be organised games and entertainments with a stage put on by the Madcap Coalition, guest-starring local bands and schoolchildren, as well as a bar.

The entertainment will include a tug of war, a human fruit machine, a tombola, a stage with street dance, acapella, and bands.

Local enthusiasts at two knitting groups have created a special celebratory huge knitted Union Jack, which will be on display. There are also original items from Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation on display in New Cross Learning, organised by the Local History Society.

On display on St James (road) will be one of the fire engines from the local Fire Station. At the same time, New Cross Learning will be holding a book sale to raise funds.

There will also be a play reading by a local writer and journalist, Swordwater, in St James Church at 5pm. The performance is part of a series of events across the country to mark the millennium of the martyrdom of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Alfege at the hands of Viking raiders in Greenwich.


Anonymous said...

To be honest I'm tending toward the Vikings on this one, but still CAKE!!

Anonymoose said...

why the brackets around the word (road)?

kolp said...

It bemuses me we celebrate having the same head of state for 60 years...

Lou Baker said...


Give the Queen a break.

She's a nice old lady.

I'm no monarchist but I don't doubt that our country would be a whole lot shitter if President Kolp were head of state.

FREE CAKE! said...

I don't dislike the queen, I dislike the monarchy. I'm still taking the holiday and scoffing cake as and when provided. I'm not an idiot.

If blank faced subjects want to tug forlocks and are happy to know their place in the social order well that's their choice. When we have prince chas in the seat pontificating on what he likes from his unelected position it may kill off what remains.

Personally I think theyre just an odd family occupying an anachronistic position. State owned celebs, nothing more.

kolp said...

I have not attacked the Queen, I made a musing on the Jubilee celebrations.

I was going to make a joke about this sort of thing not happening in Libya. But decided not too as I didn't want to get embroiled in another round of to & fro on here...

Peter said...


Tamsin said...

@ Anon 14.15 - because the name of the road is just "St James" - not road or street or anything else. Quite unusual and quite interesting.

The scene of riots and rumpus in the 1860s when the reverand gentleman who built the church and got himself installed as vicar was far to Romish for local tastes.

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