I can have another you in a minute

Troy: Millions upon millions upon millions! The cards. The stock! The clothes! The toothpaste! The guy was on the level! And you blew it! A man walks into your life who is the kindest, most polite, honest, trustworthy, incredibly rich guy you have ever met in your life!! And what do you do?! 
Eve: Have him committed...
- Blast from the Past

Dominos is moving on and moving up the hill, after it was cruelly snubbed when it tried to colonise Honor Oak Park last year.

BC reader Tyrwhitt Michael sent us this list of 60 locations the pizza giants are scouting at the moment. Honor Oak doesn't feature, although Forest Hill (and Blackheath) do. Because the truth of the matter is, replacing them is so easy. HOP, everything you own in the pizza box to the left please.