Telegraph Hill Beacon Lighting - June 4th

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- Chris Rock

In case an armada and a concert in her honour wasn't enough, Queenie's also getting her own festival of light, which Telegraph Hill will be part of.

On Monday, June 4th, a beacon will be lit on Telegraph Hill as part of a chain of light that will stretch around the country to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. In all, 4,000 beacons will be lit, including another on Blackheath.

The event will take place in the Upper Park and people are welcome to bring picnics to celebrate (no BBQs) - the beacon will be lit at sun down from about 10pm.


Margot said...

Will it be carbon offset?

My son is scared of fire so we shan't be going.

Faux Berry said...

Was that some kind of reverse Mung trolling? Standard annons will be fighting over who gets to be appalled first. ;)

Tamsin said...

Event being organised by volunteers from the RICS working with LBL - but not designed for massive numbers of the public turning up and certainly not as described in the Netmums listing as "a fun family evening". Don't know where they got that info. from. No ancillary activities envisaged and anyone turning up will have to stay well away from where the beacon is being built - arrangements made on the basis of about 30 bystanders - most of whom are the RICS people building it and the fire service watching out for them.

Tamsin said...

This one is not on the main jubilee beacon site - no publicity looked for. But there are two others in the vicinity that are so listed.

Organisation: Friends of One Tree Hill
Organiser : Doug Brooks
Location: One Tree Hill Local Nature Reserve, Honor Oak, London Borough of Southwark.
County: LONDON
Postcode: SE23 3LE

(if you have a beacon platform from last time why waste it)


Organisation: Haberdashers’ Aske’s Federation Combined Cadet Force
Organiser : Major Willam John Handley
Location: Sports Field St Asaphs Road
County: LONDON
Postcode: SE4 2EG

(although possibly only open to the schools CCF and their parents).

Tamsin said...

Even more back-tracking. This event (and the Blackheath one) show up on a google search with a link to the Lewisham Council website but then not on the Events pages so linked to. Ignorant in the details about how such things work but they must have been there (and probably where Netmums got the info.) but have now been coded to be taken off public view. On the RICS beacon list they are both down as "private" - whatever that means. So probably don't go along to Blackheath either.

Welcome to 2012 said...

So it's one of 4,000 secret private beacons in a public park, at the top of a hill, so everyone can see?

Anonymous said...

If the public is not wanted, what is the point of it? Who is funding it?

Anonymous said...

i live a few roads away from the park and spend time there, very often. i think i will try to get in, given that it's a public space and there are no signs suggesting otherwise.

Tamsin said...

I expect it's just so that it's there, has happened and goes down in history as one of x many beacons. There might be an aim at making everything bigger and better (i.e. more beacons) than the Coronation or Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. Will also look good from a satellite photograph.

Probably funded from the Queen's existing Civil List monies and/or private income as the RICS press release says they were approached by the Royal Pageant Master.

Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd see the day, Tamsin actively pursuading people to not attend something in Telegraph Hill!

Might be worth going to then

Tamsin said...

Sorry about that...

Don't go to the New Cross Learning Street party either then.

Anonymous said...

"Royal Pagent Master" some gin addled ex military chap from a minor public school I susspect. Sigh.... Cue shots of the DoE looking bored and duke the younger looking confused.

becky said...

so can we go to the upper park to see the beacon being lit then? I live on erlanger so will be a shame to live to close and not get to see it! anyone else going along?

Anonymous said...

I live on st Asaph and definitely going to go along. Or at least try

Brockley Jon said...

I was just up at the lighting of the One Tree Hill beacon. Community spirit by the bucket load. Have posted a thread in the Honor Oak section of SEC.

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