Brockley beach furniture

The remodeling of Brockley Cross is nearly finished, with only a couple of zebra crossings to install and a one way system around the island of houses formed by Geoffrey and Upper Brockley Roads to implement.

The effect of the work (and the police action that took place recently) has been to normalise a lawless mess. It has also created a large swathe of (so-far) unspoiled paving, like a sun-baked stretch of urban beach.

The plans show the space peppered with trees, but the building work has only left space for one new tree (as shown on the right of the photo). It's a pity not to make better use of this wide new savannah - it's also likely to prove a design flaw, as it will enable the double parkers who have called this place home for many years to return and stick their cars and vans on this expensively paved spot.

Whilst we're delighted with what's already been done, we think it's worth asking now what can be done here to prevent it becoming a car park and to get best use from it.

In previous discussions, BC readers suggested that bike racks could be added. Back in 2008 (yes, we've been wittering on about this place for that long) we suggested that the old parking bay (now paved over) could have been turned in to a little patch of green. We'd like to re-propose that idea - some giant planters could help to soften the streetscape and deter dodgy parking.

What would you do with this blank sheet of paper?