The Big Red Sessions

Big Red
30 Deptford Church Street

Don't be fooled by the novelty bus parked out front, Deptford's Big Red is as much Cafe del Mar as it is Rainforest Cafe, and it recently bolted on its own music venue called The Container (it's on the back of a truck) where it hosts The Big Red Sessions.

Coming up on May 29th are Shanel Brown (below), Too Many Ts (bottom), Nick Capocci, Jean Genie’s Massive Hugs, Jamie Fisher (live music) and friends. Entry's free and it opens from 7.30pm (show starts at 8pm).

Full details here.


Moi said...

I really like this as a venue but the pizza I had there was very disappointing. Soggy and very undercooked. Can anyone confirm that this was just an unlucky one-off as I'm not that tempted to go back to eat there based on my first experience. As a bar/music venue it's nice though, really chilled out and surprisingly cool behind the red bus exterior.

Brockley Nick said...

I really like the pizza there, but then I like lots of things.

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