Myatt Garden Table Top Sale, May 20th


MyattPTA said...

For those of you who can't read the details in the photo -

Table top sale
Sunday May 20th
10 am to 1 pm
£10 to reserve a table
Free entrance on the day
Open to the public!

for more information

tea coffee cake stall
clothes, toys, furniture, bikes, bric-a-brac, books, school uniforms etc

Tamsin said...

And while you are out and in a mood for bagains come along to the Saville Centre (a couple of blocks south of Lewisham Hospital) SE13 6LJ for a big book sale running from 10 to 4pm. The usual paperbacks five for a pound and hardbacks from 50p to £2 (mostly - some might be a bit more if they look fairly special).

Apologies for hi-jacking this when I haven't even got around to posting it on SECentral - that's my task for when I'm back at work tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Tamsin that event is not even near the Myatt Table Top sale, so don't try to make out that your event is to complement the Myatt event "while you are out and in the mood for bargains". You just want to steal their visitors because they were one step ahead of you.

Anonymous said...

"No where near"? It's the other side of Hilly Fields you lazy mung.

Brockley Nick said...

@Anon - Tamsin is always blatant in her plugs for events she's involved with on unrelated threads - that's just her thing. It doesn't matter. No-one's 'stealing' anyone's visitors.

We should salute her indefatigability.

Anonymous said...

...her courage, her strength...

Anonymous said...

""No where near"? It's the other side of Hilly Fields you lazy mung."

It's 2.1 miles, not far for some things, but quite a long way to go for a second hand book fair.

Brockley Nick said...

"It's 2.1 miles, not far for some things, but quite a long way to go for a second hand book fair."

+1, LOLZ, etc

Anonymous said...

2.1 miles is a brisk half hour work, a quick tootle in the car or a brief bus ride.

Some perspective, people, please.

Brockley Nick said...

See above. And so on.

Lep Recorn said...

". . . you lazy mung."

Is that a first ever 'mung' as an explicit term of personal abuse?

(Maybe we should inform the OED.)

Tamsin said...

Storm in tea-cup time - and I do like stirring...

Sorry to offend anyone. Not out to steal customers. School table top sales come with their own in-built clientele of all the parents in the school. And I don't think anyone would come to the book sale instead of the Myatt Garden event to its detriment, just some might come as well and some, to whom a school table top sale is of no interest, might want to come to an event that is primarily a book sale with a little bit of bric a brac and some toys tacked on.

In the interests of entire honesty - it is quite a bit the other side of Hilly Fields - which I reckon as being the half way point in a 45 minute brisk walk to the office - and no single bus except the 136, for the heart of Brockley you would have to change.

AEB said...

I'm going to be selling at the Myatt Garden table top sale on the 20th: Toys, roller blades, kids raincoats, women's work clothes, a good women's coat, etc. etc, AND books! I know others are gathering the stuff they no longer need too. We had a great selection of stuff at the last sale. Please, if you want to buy or sell, help us to make the Myatt Sale a success.

Tamsin - I'll see you down at the Saville Centre sometime - but not on the 20th.

Susan said...

Why do Myatt Garden posts always end up in arguments?

Tamsin, I must say that our table top sales depend primarily on the public attending. It doesn't generate as much interest in the school community as our school fete does.

We will also have a book stall with NEW books (mostly hardback gardening, DIY, decorating, crafts etc) for sale at £1 each!

So please people, come to our sale, grab a bargain and support our lovely kids!

AEB said...

NB - you don't need to have anything to do with the school to buy or sell!! We're really hoping that our sales will become a popular local community event!!

Tamsin said...

Arguments is good and it keeps people reading.

Certainly a hall full of second hand books doesn't compete in terms of quality and variety with what you've on offer.

Hope it goes really well with becoming a regular community event. Alas I am busy - otherwise (with the stuff stacked up in my utility room and wardrobe) I ought to take a table myself so I will look out for next time.

MyattPTA said...

I just wanted to thank you Nick for helping to make our table top a success by posting our flyer on BC.

We made around £450 for the kids and hope the sellers went home happy too.

It was quite successful so hopefully we will be holding more in the new school term.

Thanks again!

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