The Lewisham Toy Library - Celebrating 40 Years

Lewisham Toy Library celebrates its 40th birthday next month, with a party on June 17th at Ladywell Arena.

The library is based in Catford and provides toys and play equipment to the families and carers of children aged 0-8 in the borough.

The Toy Library is open to the public for three two-hour sessions each week and a five and a half hour session on the 1st Saturday of every month. Membership is available to all families, childminders, carers and not-for-profit groups Lewisham.

Members pay an annual subscription of £24 for families and carers unless they are in receipt of Income Support, in which case membership is free. Childminders pay £15/year by providing their Childminding Certificate and Groups can join for £50/year. There are no additional hire charges on top of the toys.

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kolp said...

I wish this service could be free...

Tamsin said...

Don't understand... It is free to those on income support, for the others £4 a month will not break the bank. For Childminders and groups it is an expense that is tax deductible. And what is free is not valued. There needs to be some commitment on the part of the users.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, and for under 50p a week even if you are paying it's hardly asking the world...

kolp said...

Yeah it is largely free,

It's just because it's a library for kids toys it seems a bit ... I suppose it underlines the tough times we're in.

"And what is free is not valued."

Often what we feel is free isn't.

Anonymous said...


I help run the Lewisham Toy Library, and we're all really looking forward to seeing loads of you on Sunday at Ladywell Fields. Please pray for sunshine all weekend to any deity you've ever heard of...

And yes, to clear stuff up, it's free if you're on income support, £2 a month if you're working. We run on fumes and fresh air, to be honest, with only one paid, part time member of staff and a load of volunteers.

for the £2 a month, you, your kids and your grandkids get access to thousands of toys, games, costumes, bikes, slides and all sorts of other lovely stuff. and when they get bored, you give em back.

see you Sunday, and maybe even see you at the Toy Library itself.

Alan McKinnon.

The Old Coach House
( Rosenthal Road )
41 Rushey Green
London SE6 4AS

Telephone 020 8698 7433

Anonymous said...

Alan from the Toy Library again:


just wanted to make that clear!

see you all there!!!!

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