Let the buyers be aired

Oursinglefriend Monkeyboy dared us to post this message he found on Facebook. So we have:

Spread the word - brand new C4 property show with Sarah Beeny.

New Areas - Beckenham, Brockley and surrounding areas of Lewisham. If you are looking to buy in any of these areas please email buyers@reeftv.com or call 0207 539 2011. If you are looking to sell please email sellers@reeftv.com


kolp said...

Aren't these shows passe now? It's not 2005!

Anonymous said...

Property shows never die. Furthermore prices round here are higher than the 2007 peak, presumably owing to people hearing of and understanding more about the overground.

Anonymous said...

(First, apologies to Nick - I'm new to this forum, and not sure where would be a good place to post this, so if you have any suggestions please let me know!)

I've rented in and around Deptford, Crofton Park and Brockley for a fair few years, I love it here and would love to buy a place to make into a more permanent home.

I have a fair deposit saved but after narrowly missing out on my ideal house (the tiny & secret coach house on Arabin road - those of you who know it will know what I mean!) I am looking for something a little more special than a flat and have looked into building my own eco house.
I've seen quite a few new builds go up lately in small plots between houses and in side gardens. I was wondering; how do I know when land is coming up for sale?

If anyone is thinking of selling their garden to a developer, please get in touch with me instead. I am looking for a small space (40 - 60m2) in which to build a tiny, detached eco house with a little roof garden.

It would be small, friendly and unobtrusive.
Please let me know!
Many thanks Brockley :)

House priv said...

Anyone else noticed that house prices seemed to have gone ballistic west side. Two houses on saint Asaph road for 575,000 and 650,000, one sold apparently.

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