Double shot in the arm for New Cross

Transpontine has spotted that two new cafes are on their way in New Cross.

The first is "Cafe 465", which replaces "Come the Revolution". The sign on the front door pointedly explains that the cafe is "under new management".

The second is The Cottage Project, at 106 New Cross Road. The renovation of the defunct tandoori restaurant is as ambitious as their business model. The Cottage Project will combine a cafe, with a gallery (natch), shop, cottage industry and community projects. A bit like Come the Revolution was intended to do, but without the estate agency tacked on.
Thanks to Gema on the South East London fourm.


Anonymous said...

what does natch mean???

Anonymous said...

Are either run by a political party?

Robbie Lumsden said...

Anon 2016 - you clearly didn't read the NME circa 1996 when Natch for naturally was all the rage!

Anonymous said...

As there is a planning application to demolish this locally listed building and exploit the site for commercial & residential use I'm suprised People Before Profit haven't squatted there.

If it was a shop before (A1) is using it as a cafe (A3) in breach of planning regulations.

Shortspin said...

I'm really glad to see the New Cross Tandoori building being put to good use. I've lived 5 minutes from there for 4 years and it's been derelict and grubby that whole time, hopefully it will add something very positive to one of the less elegant stretches of New Cross Road as well as offering a decent place for a weekend fry-up which is somewhat lacking in this area.

Anonymous said...

According to the PBP website a two year lease was taken out on the shop unit, before it is demolished.

Would someone buisness orientated take on a lease that now has less than 2 years to run?

According to message last year on South East Central it was alledged there were also conditions regarding the lease, including making the unit available for 'community activities'.

kolp said...

Good stuff for New Cross. I have to make sure I make time to get down there to support these businesses, unlike last time.

Anonymous said...

Here's a video of what to expect. Looks like it's going to be a really interesting place. Looking forward o seeing the doors open.

kolp said...

For me the Cottage Project is the most exciting thing happening around these parts.

Industrial design is a subject close to my heart and I hope this project and the Makers movement in general flourishes.

It's what this country needs to generate jobs.

Anonymous said...

I emailed Holly Berry who is one of the main contributors to wish them luck and find out when to expect the doors opening. She said they are progressing well and hope to be finished a little later in the year.

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